Maintainable and Maintenance-Free Atomizers

Maintainable and Maintenance-Free Atomizers

A vaporizer is designed to heat the liquid inside the cartridge to the state of steam. There are several types of the most common vapor generators available at the moment:

  • Standard atomizers or tanks. They work with interchangeable vaporizers, popularly referred to as an unattended atomizers;
  • RTA, RDA, RDTA, MTL Clearomizers. These are serviceable atomizers with the ability to replace the wick and coil. These atomizers have better flavor delivery and more adjustability;
  • Cartomizers. They are one piece of an electronic cigarette consisting of an atomizer and a cartridge.

VAWOO Vape Shop – Accessories and Other

Accessories for electronic cigarettes are an integral part of it. These are batteries, all sorts of vaporizers, mods, and accessories.

It is important to understand that buying an e-cigarette does not mean it will last forever. Most often it is necessary to change the vaporizers, which over time can fail, or transmit not the taste we expect. 

Also, do not forget about the battery, which, like a normal one, has its number of recharges, on average it is 300 cycles. And how to do without accessories, which create a comfortable environment for wearing an electronic cigarette and protect it from mechanical damage.


It is a high current output lithium-ion battery that is used to power the Box Mod or mechanical mod. The batteries used in e-cigarettes were originally used in flashlights, power tools, and other devices.

The Main Differences of the Battery

Batteries can vary in size from 18350 to 26650 and capacity, which usually ranges from 1800 mAh to 3000 mAh. Batteries also have different current ratings ranging from 5 to 35A, depending on the brand and type of battery. The higher the amperage rating of the battery, the safer it is for vape use. We strongly recommend the use of batteries with a current output rating above 15 amps.

When choosing a battery pay attention to:

  • mAh capacity – how long the battery will hold a charge;
  • AMPs – power output in a short time;
  • CDR (Continuous Discharge Rating) – power output over a long period;
  • Battery size – whether it will fit your mod.

Special Offers for VAWOO Customers

In you can order any goods at a favorable price, which is easy to navigate thanks to convenient filters and an intuitive interface. You should also not forget about the regular discounts that apply to all types of e-cigarettes, except for unapproved CBD products. In our store, the buyer’s rights are guaranteed, including the possibility of return.